Curing Global Warming, one cold beverage at a time!!

Chill Skinz Cooling towels

Chill Skins Cooling towels
What allows the Chill Skinz products so cold is there 2 step process. They are made of PVA material which retains moisture once wet but what sets us apart is that a large percentage of the composition is actually a plant extract that allows us to get ANY temperature water, even boiling hot water, from ANY source, like a bottle, fountain, river, ocean etc., actually cold & keep it cold all day long ! Even in extreme heat over 90 Chill Skinz will remain 16 to 22 degrees cooler than the temperature where you are by simply keeping it wet at least every few hours, and giving it a wave every 15-20 minutes which reactivates the cooling process. You can keep it cool all day and NO REFRIGERATION is EVER needed! Simply get it Wet, Wring out the excess and Wave!