Curing Global Warming, one cold beverage at a time!!
While watching a football game in the pool about 12 years ago, I had the issue as most have that my adult beer was getting warm before I was able to finish it. I took a large cup from a race track store I had on a table near by, cut a hole in the lid, filled it with ice, and the rest is history!!! The only issue was that every time I tipped it melted ice water would spill out. After trying several foam and rubber seals in the market place, I had a prototype made for a seal that would work for both bottles and cans. The Bevfridge bottle cooler, simply keeps a bottle or can beverage cool by surrounding it with Ice and Water. A patented seal design keeps the ice and water from spilling out while the beverage is being consumed.

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Shipping Information

Delivery should be able to be done in 1-3 weeks after reciept of order.

Refunds or exchanges: If you are not happy with your product, simple send back and a refund or exchange can be made within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Send a email if you have a comment or concern abour this product.

Common questions : Question: Can I put the Bevfridge in a dishwasher? Answer it would be suggested that you hand wash the Bevfridge.

Question: I am having a small amout of leaking after extended use.

Answer. If using the bevfridge with too much water, and ice, the temperature will cause condensation. As you would do with any cold beverage, simply wipe off the excess condensation or place a coaster below the device.

Question: The Bevfridge does not fit in some of the smaller cup holders.

Answer, the bottom of the insulation sleeve can be trimmed if desired to fit smaller holders. A cup adaptor accessory is also availible under our accessory section.

Question: Can I take the Bevfridge into stadiums. Answer, not likely they consider it a outside container which is not allowed. I would be cautions about concert venues as well.